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History with articles on The Parachute Troops and Air Infantry, Test Platoon of the US Airborne Divisions with original Personel Roster.. (id.44)
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Activated at Camp Mackall North Carolina on February 25, 1943. The division was manned with former glider troops and veteran Airborne troops. (id.48)
(Hits: 3156 )
The 11th Airborne Division History. The Diary, under the date 25 February 1943, carries the simple statement: "Activation Day, Flag Raised." (id.50)
(Hits: 2667 )
By Leo Kocher 511 PIR, The 11th Airborne division, nicknamed "The Angels," was activated at Camp Mackall, N.C.., Feb. 25, 1943, under the command of Maj. Gen. Joseph Swing. (id.47)
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Just picture taking around Camp Haugen by my dad, Luis L. Rivera (1925-1992). His albums with my captions as I see them. Interesting photos to study. All photos are of 511th Parachute Infantry Regement troopers (id.11436)
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Meeting Notices, Chapters, Officers, Rescue, Membership Application. (id.49)
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11th_&_511th_Officers, Membership_11th&511th, 11th/511th_Reunion_Info, Reunion, Photos, History_Briefs-Links-etc... (id.8397)
(Hits: 2156 )
Operation of the Airborne Division Parachute Maintenance Company, (Riggers) The Quartermaster Review, September-October, 1950. (id.46)
(Hits: 1795 )
The 1st Batalion of the 188th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division, were the first troops sent to the Nevada Test Site to participate in atomic bomb tests in the fall of 1951. (id.10204)
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11th Airborne & 511th History, Causality,Taps Los Banos articles and Blogs. (id.15513)
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