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Home: Airborne: 82nd Airborne Division


505th PIR (2)
505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 3d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division.. (id.356)
Personal Pages (2)
These are individual 82nd Airborne Paratrooper pages... (id.353)

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Unit Insignia, Lineage & Honors, Unit Decorations, Photographs & Artwork, Commanders, Order of Battle and War Service. (id.94)
(Hits: 13219 )
Every soldier in the 82d is airborne qualified, includes history and resources; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.97)
(Hits: 5315 )
Home for members of the first Airborne COHORT unit, A Co. 4/325 (ABCT) (id.88)
(Hits: 3665 )
1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, FT. Bragg, NC., Conduct a forcible entry, build up combat power, military operations. (id.112)
(Hits: 3306 )
Includes history, coat of arms, unit insignia information and details on the glider and Airborne Infantry; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.95)
(Hits: 2402 )
Museum dedicated to the history of the 82d Division from World War One to Present. (id.8275)
(Hits: 2392 )
Remarks by General Henry H. Shelton, 82d Airborne Division Review, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, May 21, 1998. (id.93)
(Hits: 2111 )
Wolfpack unit lineage, traditions, photos and commander information; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.9979)
(Hits: 1394 )
M551A1 Sheridan Tank while serving with the 3rd Battalion (Airborne) 73rd Armor Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. (id.11757)
(Hits: 1219 )
America's Guard of Honor history, command group and family support information is given; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.9981)
(Hits: 1200 )
Provides air assault, combat and combat service support aviation to the 82nd Airborne Division; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.9980)
(Hits: 1196 )
Currently assigned to the 82d Soldier Support Battalion, the only Battalion of it's kind in the U. S. Army. (id.102)
(Hits: 1178 )
Responsible for identification, interception, and jamming of enemy communications assigned to the 82d Airbone Division; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.114)
(Hits: 1175 )
Proudly Supporting the 1st Brigade!, 82nd Airborne Division, FT. Bragg, NC. (id.105)
(Hits: 1070 )
"Supply is Strength!", Proudly Supporting the 2nd Brigade!, 82nd Airborne Division, FT. Bragg, NC. (id.109)
(Hits: 1003 )
Our regular meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at American Legion Post 92, 211 North 21st Avenue (North Dixie Highway), Hollywood FL 33020-4506; Remaining 2005 Regular MEETINGS: May 17th; July 19th; August 16th; October 18th; and November 15th - Remaining 2005 PICNICS: June 5th and September 18th ( Annual elections Meeting) - November Meeting is the Installation Banquet. REMEMBER - ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ! Contact Chairman, Bob Buffington for specifics and membership requirements (phone and email posted on website). (id.12959)
(Hits: 760 )

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