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We're building an organization that will guarantee that "America's Airborne" will remain the elite of our Armed Forces. (id.116)
(Hits: 1906 )
For all who served in the 82nd and anyone who is currently serving on active duty on jump status or either jump or glider status and was honorably discharged. (id.118)
(Hits: 1451 )
503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, The Corregidor Historical Society and The 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association, World War II (id.120)
(Hits: 1208 )
USPA currently boasts a membership of more than 34,000. (id.121)
(Hits: 1019 )
The Chapter's members were are all assigned to the 3rd Brigade of the Division during its Tour of Duty in Vietnam. (id.117)
(Hits: 982 )
Information about the Chapter, history of the 508th Infantry Regiment, honors and lineage, and latest chapter newsletter. (id.122)
(Hits: 830 )
Provides discussion forum, guestbook, pictures, creed and membership information; Denver, Colorado. (id.8887)
(Hits: 817 )
"The World is our Dropzone" We organize military parachute operations with foreign militaries. Any qualified interested individual is welcome to participate. (id.13317)
(Hits: 773 )
"The Triple Nickles", 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (1944-1947)with directory and membership information given. (id.8890)
(Hits: 715 )
Includes guestbook, officers, goals, meeting and contact informaiton. (id.10397)
(Hits: 696 )
Has photos, newsletter, meeting info and membership details; Chattanooga, Tennessee. (id.8888)
(Hits: 691 )
Contains info on membership, meetings, officers, news, photos, calendar and by-laws; Washington DC. (id.8886)
(Hits: 684 )
Has guestbook, calendar, news, roster and meetings information; Virginia. (id.8885)
(Hits: 658 )
Website for all Airborne for the 82nd Airborne Division Association - Orlando Chapter (id.12040)
(Hits: 655 )
Has events, newsletter, history, officers and color guard paratrooper of the year; Lynchburg, Virginia. (id.10398)
(Hits: 635 )

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