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A to Z Index of Firearms, Shooting and Gunnery Terms. (id.124)
(Hits: 1390 )
Nomenclature of various US Military rounds, Cartridge, Ball, Carbine, Caliber. (id.133)
(Hits: 1064 )
Some Practical Advice for the Novice Gun Owner. (id.130)
(Hits: 893 )
Historical collection of EO images from public and private sources, ammunition and explosive ordnance. (id.139)
(Hits: 813 )
Publication with subscription information, sample articles, back issues and advertising info; Harmony, Maine. (id.164)
(Hits: 776 )
Offers State by State Firearms information with news updates from around the US on gun laws; includes info of books written on the topic. (id.145)
(Hits: 734 )
Homepage for patriots, survivalists and gun owners that includes forums and military technical manuals. (id.8855)
(Hits: 681 )
If you have a question about firearms and you want it posted on this page. (id.128)
(Hits: 667 )
Standard type of trajectory tables, exact sight setting calculated for any range. (id.11235)
(Hits: 616 )
Lora Lumpe, Federation of American Scientists, Prepared for American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Conference on Controlling Small Arms. (id.132)
(Hits: 587 )
Provides identification of American, British, Dutch, Russian grenades plus much more (id.12128)
(Hits: 575 )
Publication with PDF format that has past issues and a focus on arms export policies and policymaking information on arms. (id.9736)
(Hits: 532 )
Source for legal information with articles and search for previous jounal articles. (id.8540)
(Hits: 501 )

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