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Caliber .45 Hand Gun (8)
All sites about .45 Caliber Pistol (id.10)
Glock (20)
All Glock Hand Gun Sites including commerical.(id.12)

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Harris publication magazine with back issues featured articles to view and subsciption information; New York, New York. (id.163)
(Hits: 6729 )
The whole range of Colt auto depicted and explained. Valuable resources concerning various service handguns (Nambu, Steyr, Mauser, Tokarev, Makarov, etc ...) (id.8394)
(Hits: 5064 )
Includes price and details of Smith & Wesson caliber.38 revolvers, Walther Model 4 Pistol caliber 7.65mm/.32ACP and Luger. (id.8850)
(Hits: 4441 )
Coltautos.com, the website for collectors of Colt Automatic Pistols. The site includes general, and in some cases, specific information on most pre-WWII Colt Automatic Models. Here you will find serial number and date of production information along with disassembly instructions, parts diagrams and original factory instruction sheets for these pistols. (id.134)
(Hits: 2715 )
All what you want to know about that fantastic pistol. A host of specific resources (id.8391)
(Hits: 1755 )
Gives pistol merchandise information including dealers, warranty, reviews of products and specifications; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (id.10293)
(Hits: 1557 )
Firearms manufacturer whose quality and value are unparalleled. (id.131)
(Hits: 1474 )
Includes news, reviews, firearms and accessories for handgun manufacturer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. (id.10295)
(Hits: 1365 )
Firearms manufacturer with produc and accessory information including tables of ballistics, article reprints about products and message board; Provo, Utah. (id.10294)
(Hits: 1303 )
Kel-Tec Owner's Group with photos, information on ammo, accessories and includes reviews on P11, P40 and P32 (id.10298)
(Hits: 1265 )
Gives revolver product information and instructions for use with photos; Laughlin, Nevada. (id.160)
(Hits: 1212 )
Firearms for personal and home defense. (id.13309)
(Hits: 1040 )
Luger Pistol, Mauser Broomhandle Pistol & Accessories (id.13334)
(Hits: 556 )

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