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"Trench broom" for close quarter combat. (id.129)
(Hits: 6671 )
Gives overview that includes photo of gunsmith, John Moses Browning and his machine-gun. (id.8661)
(Hits: 4483 )
Contains overview with stats, diagrams, photos, ammunition info and aircraft mount information. (id.10198)
(Hits: 4474 )
Biography of the Lewis Automatic Machine Gun with bio of author, trivia and catalog; Mcallen, Texas. (id.161)
(Hits: 3070 )
Includes a forum, glossary and photo gallery with info on Army, Naval and Aircraft guns. (id.9622)
(Hits: 2850 )
Miniguns that shoot bullets, BB's Airsoft Pellets & More. (id.9648)
(Hits: 2512 )
Photos and general specifications pf several of the weapons used by Special Operations Command peraonnel. (id.12885)
(Hits: 2169 )
Manufactures semi-automatic versions of classic military automatic arms with video clips to view and product information; Olympia, Washington. (id.8330)
(Hits: 2000 )
Tommy Gun, The first production model was the Model 1921, (id.126)
(Hits: 1950 )
Product info including machine gun conversion drilling fixtures, message board, firearms laws info amd recommended dealers. (id.8332)
(Hits: 1878 )
Resource for info including gun markings, serial number lookup, accessories, equipment, 1951 manual, sales and calibres. (id.8331)
(Hits: 1862 )
Information on weaponry and battle tactics before the machine gun that is followed by pre WWI, WWI and after WWI machine gun information. (id.8538)
(Hits: 1836 )

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