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Online publication with subscription information that offers tactical, strategic, anti-missile, surface-to-air, anti-tank and air to air information. (id.8676)
(Hits: 3233 )
Extensive database that includes an alphabetical index with a missile search. (id.9403)
(Hits: 2600 )
Includes information on Nike Ajax and Hercles Systems with photos, movie and audio. (id.8677)
(Hits: 1712 )
Information is given on submarine launched, ship lanched, ship, ground and air missile systems. (id.9404)
(Hits: 1704 )
Contains articles, historical and technical information focused on the Nike missile system and former Nike missile sites. (id.8675)
(Hits: 1340 )
Includes information on the Python 4, AIM-9 Sidewinder, helmet mounted sights and resources. (id.10117)
(Hits: 1233 )
Includes guest book, mission, capabilities, launch history, photos and missle airframe and systems information. (id.10177)
(Hits: 982 )
Air defence weapons with over 60,00 missiles supplied to 56 armed forces with info on Starstreak & starburst missiles systems and Samantha & Clara command and control systems. (id.9468)
(Hits: 920 )
Provides Nike Hercules historical, technical and operational information with photos, bulletin board and on-line documents. (id.8672)
(Hits: 876 )
Contains Missilies Systems and Tactical Weapons news, specifications and technical information and includes photos. (id.10116)
(Hits: 842 )
Includes news, resources, glossary, budget and history with info on the basics of missle defense and ballistic misslie defense system. (id.9695)
(Hits: 786 )
Product info given on rockets, guided munitions, aerial bombs, ballistics & missile technology and ordnance & weapons; Greece. (id.9442)
(Hits: 739 )
From BAT to JSOW, air weapons of the U.S. Navy, many of which were created by the NAVAIR Weapons Division, China Lake, CA. (id.11571)
(Hits: 737 )
Includes information on program and components with photos, command information and Fire unit. (id.9763)
(Hits: 727 )
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. (id.141)
(Hits: 715 )
Info given on locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic expolsions, have exhibits on development of atomic devices or have vehicles that deliver weapons. (id.9036)
(Hits: 713 )

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