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M 14 Caliber 7.62mm (2)
All sites about Military Caliber 7.62mm M 14. (id.13)
M 16 Caliber 5.56mm (6)
All sites about Military Caliber 5.56mm M 16 and AR 15... (id.512)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

M1 Garand, Carbine, M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun, Browning Automatic Rifle, M1917, M1919, M1911, Maschinegewehr (MG) 42. (id.135)
(Hits: 4497 )
Source for information on military rifles, new and old; a monthly publication with book reviews and photos. (id.155)
(Hits: 4011 )
Designer and manufacturer of the LR-30 rifle with accessories for M-16's and AR/15 rifles. (id.9441)
(Hits: 3408 )
Contains tactical equipment including scopes, ammunition, accessories and rifles and provides training and info for precision and tactical shooting; Escondido, California. (id.10289)
(Hits: 2892 )
Information on the US .30 caliber M1 semi-automatic rifle which was used in World War II. (id.154)
(Hits: 2457 )
High quality rifle shotgun and handgun accessories and tactical gear. Our stock is designed and developed for all types of rifles and guns including AK47, HK, FN-FAL, Enfield Mark, Glock, AR15, M1 carbine, M4, M16, M14, SKS, Enfield, Daewoo DR200, Mini-14 and other assorted makes and models of rifles and guns. (id.12393)
(Hits: 2183 )
Gun parts manufacturer offers many parts and accessories to upgrade and repair your assault rifle, military rifle, ruger 10/22 rifle (id.11204)
(Hits: 2022 )
Information and pictures pretaining to the Mosin Nagant, SKS, Mauser,Carcano and Arasaka Carbines (id.146)
(Hits: 1951 )
Contains photo, use, development, history and basic statistics of this .30 M1906 US fifle. (id.153)
(Hits: 1823 )
Has products information on military rifles with some history that are from around the world. (id.9621)
(Hits: 1782 )
Information on old military rifles, handguns and bayonets from 1850 to 1950 from major countries. (id.158)
(Hits: 1716 )
Goves development history, pictures, service history and statistics. (id.151)
(Hits: 1521 )
Special application rifle ammunition:300WIN MAG, 338 LAPUA MAG, 50 CAL SRHP (id.10844)
(Hits: 1413 )
Includes history, identification information, patents and other Johnson product info. (id.150)
(Hits: 1281 )
Includes owners manuals, sales information and centerfire rifle manufacturer company overview; Westfiled, MA. (id.10291)
(Hits: 1266 )
Manufacturer of Angelo Bee custom guns and includes info on medallion series and new products; Omaha, Nebraska. (id.10290)
(Hits: 1251 )

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