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Photos and article of most of the major tanks of the world from WWII to present. (id.223)
(Hits: 3756 )
Information and pictures of tanks, guns, halftracks etc. from the period since World War 2. (id.217)
(Hits: 1704 )
Armored Fighting Vehicles interiors web magazine with vehicle info and images of over 80 vehicles. (id.225)
(Hits: 1623 )
Historical and technical info on Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) of World War II. (id.216)
(Hits: 1280 )
Contains specifications, history and photos on this World War II tank. (id.219)
(Hits: 1088 )
Has safety, environmental & safety info, photos and overview that includes descriptions of armored vehicles with weapons info. (id.9526)
(Hits: 1071 )
AFV Assoc affiliated site with info on military vehicles, news, research and photgraphy. (id.10160)
(Hits: 977 )
TACOM Headquarters and the U.S. Army Garrison-Selfridge, Warren, Michigan - the US Army's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command. (id.215)
(Hits: 864 )
Radial engined M3A3 Stuart Tank information on the tank produced from September of 1942 until September of 1943. (id.222)
(Hits: 862 )
Includes World War II Tanks and information including Tank trivia. (id.10162)
(Hits: 836 )
Has resources for tanks and includes a Tank Chat for AFV conversations. (id.10161)
(Hits: 760 )
Overview of information on the Mark A tank first used in 1917 with picture. (id.218)
(Hits: 706 )
Publication with info on the Sherman M4 Medium Tank series with the goal to publish info not covered in mainstream books & magazines. (id.9525)
(Hits: 672 )
Features development history, photos, technical specifications and other resources related to the German Tiger 1 and 2. (id.12399)
(Hits: 669 )

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