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Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Sites.... (id.11)
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Gun Safty, Laws, Guides, Handbooks and reviews.... (id.370)
Handguns (41)
Small Arms Handguns, Military and Civilian...... (id.358)
Machine Guns (12)
All Machine Guns and Submachine Guns.. (id.369)
Missles (17)
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Inspect, maintain & repair aircraft mechanical & electrical armament/ ordnance systems with types of explosives, weapons and ammunition coding. (id.165)
(Hits: 1189 )
Manufacturing product information given for rifles and pistols with info on accessories, specifications and dealer listing; Kalispell, Montana. (id.10297)
(Hits: 1176 )
News and information on development of a non-lethal weapon that uses ultraviolet laser beams to immobilize people and animals at a distance. (id.8977)
(Hits: 1140 )
Specializing in collectable military firearms, shop is located in Eastern Pennsylvania. (id.8851)
(Hits: 1118 )
Information on civil sector, defence sector and exports of weapons including small arms, bombs, chemicals, ammunition and more. (id.9440)
(Hits: 1079 )
Ballistica Maximus Corp. as a DoD, DLIS, DoS approved supplier of wewapons, military vehicles, battle dress uniforns(BDU),meals, ready to eat(MRE),remanufactured M151A2 Jeeps & HUMMVEEs', tactical military dune buggies and M35 / M55/M35 troop carrier trucks, ammunition,ordnance and all forms of military equipment to governmental entities & export professionals. (id.11857)
(Hits: 1074 )
Fuze Products for Artillery and Mortar Ammunition, ocated in Lancaster, PA. and Phoenix, AZ. (id.143)
(Hits: 1063 )
Great informational resource on firearms, aircraft, main battle tanks, helicopters (id.11845)
(Hits: 840 )
Product information on pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns with history of company and news; Southport, Connecticut. (id.10292)
(Hits: 834 )
Clips and magazines for pistols, rifles, shotguns and machine guns (id.11200)
(Hits: 812 )
Manufacturer and Exporter of Aircraft Armaments, Munitions, Weapons Technology, Guided and Unguided Weapons, Ordnance. (id.10677)
(Hits: 812 )
Brown's Sporting goods offers a large selection of Military/LE firearms. We have a large selection of 50BMG rifles. Contanc us with your requirements (id.10842)
(Hits: 776 )
Also known as I-War, IW, C41 or Cyberwar, IASIW has info with reference to military and civilian life and includes glossary of information warfare terms. (id.10475)
(Hits: 746 )
Information on Fuze technology including rocket, mortar, naval and artillery time and proximity fuze products with downloadable info. (id.9481)
(Hits: 731 )
Contains resources, fact sheets, news, events and treaties; Washington DC. (id.10370)
(Hits: 717 )
Guided Munitions, GP Bombs, Fuzing Systems,Rockets and Launchers, Flares, Ejector Racks and Release Units, Gunship Conversions, GPS.. (id.11558)
(Hits: 704 )

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