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Air Traffic Control & Tracking (audio); Aircraft Manufacturers; Control Tower Commo (audio); Airport Live cameras; Track Trans-Atlantic Flights. (id.230)
(Hits: 1537 )
Provides current location and altitude for aircraft en route with a search by airline and flight or by city with times from FAA. (id.9227)
(Hits: 1016 )
Everything you'll ever want to know about every Airport. (id.234)
(Hits: 981 )
Behind the scenes at one of the world's busiest airports. Listen to live transmissions between air traffic controllers in the airport tower and pilots landing and departing from the airport. (id.236)
(Hits: 980 )
Extensive information on the Air Traffic Control system and environment of aviation, air travel and occupational duties. (id.8236)
(Hits: 729 )
JetFlight Aviation Services deals in providing services to the aviation world, dealing in obtaining over-flying and landing clearances, arranging aircraft ground handling and fuel covering the world and specializing in Africa the Middle East, the Far East and South America. (id.16128)
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