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History, photo gallery, unit rosters, memorabilia, articles and more from the official homepage of "The Flying Tigers" (id.279)
(Hits: 693 )
"The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" group that served during WWII with history, stories, gallery and reunion updates. (id.270)
(Hits: 519 )
Official site of the 4th FG, AAF, WWII, Eagle Squadrons RAF which includes stories and simulation information. (id.275)
(Hits: 501 )
The story of the fighting scouts of the 8th Air Force includes info on experimental force, 1st, 2nd & 3rd scouting force and reunion information. (id.281)
(Hits: 498 )
The 1st Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, Virginia, is the descendant of the 1st Pursuit Group of WWI and the 1st Fighter Group of WWII. It is the oldest fighter outfit in the USAF. (id.277)
(Hits: 496 )
History with combat tactics, top aces, Charles Lindbergh, battles, photos, top aces and information on this groups museum. (id.268)
(Hits: 494 )
Done for the men and women veterans of the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing includes memorial, articles, audio recordings and more. (id.274)
(Hits: 490 )
Home of the aerial "Guardians of the Pacific", a veterans wartime organization including WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam veterans of the 18FWA. (id.276)
(Hits: 465 )
Association of aerial combat vererans with history, information on scholarship, POW/MIA and more. (id.272)
(Hits: 446 )
Pilots organization whose membership is composed exclusively of pilots who flew the plan during WWII or prior to 1956. (id.283)
(Hits: 439 )
People with the common interest in seeing the development, performance and history of the "Jug", World War II. (id.282)
(Hits: 423 )
History of group with gallery, newsletter, roster, events and forum for this Air Force group. (id.269)
(Hits: 410 )
Reunion information with photos, history, news and more for this Air Force fighter bomber, tactical group. (id.271)
(Hits: 384 )
Thud Ridge with information on aircraft, pilots, reunions, squadrons and patches. (id.9614)
(Hits: 346 )
Provides history, organization, officers, reunion info, squadrons and membership information. (id.10113)
(Hits: 332 )

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