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Fighter Plane Associations.(id.17)

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Formed during our first-ever AC-119 Gunship reunion in October, 2000, The AC-119 Gunship Association is looking for all who were attached to the 71st, 17th and 18th Special Operations Squadrons during the Vietnam War. (id.259)
(Hits: 810 )
The A-1 Skyraider Association. Camaraderie developed by Skyraider pilots who served in Vietnam. (id.308)
(Hits: 739 )
Members of the US Air Force's HH-43 rescue helicopter also known as "PEDRO" includes patches worn information. (id.261)
(Hits: 719 )
News, reunion info and membership information of this association that has members from 7 countries; Las Vegas, Nevada. (id.262)
(Hits: 674 )
The Vertical Flight Society that includes government, military, civil, engineers, managers, pilots, educators and students; Alexandria, Virginia. (id.260)
(Hits: 655 )
SPAADS is made up of pilots who flew the F-86 Sabre with Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons in Europe with NATO from 1951 to 1963. (id.256)
(Hits: 612 )
Acquire, restore, display and demonstrate aircraft ofthe Royal Canadian Air Force. (id.255)
(Hits: 611 )
178th ASHC operated and maintained the Boeing Vertol CH-47 Chinook medium lift helicopter in Vietnam from 1966 to 1972 with reunion info, photos and stories. (id.264)
(Hits: 604 )
Bart was a Flight Engineer for the 205th Geronimos during 1970 at Phuloi,RVN. (id.265)
(Hits: 598 )
Danish Dakota Friends operates the last flying Douglas DC-3 in Denmark, Planes are best preserved while kept flying. (id.254)
(Hits: 595 )
WRG is an organization that ties various aviation resource groups together. (id.266)
(Hits: 586 )
Central locator site with a database of over 1300 names that is focused on keeping military aviators connected. (id.8257)
(Hits: 585 )
Publishes the Hook, the official journal of the assoc. includes information on U.S. Navy carrier aviation, past and present. (id.258)
(Hits: 564 )
Fraternal organization of military pilots from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy; Randolph AFB, Texas. (id.263)
(Hits: 544 )
Set up for active duty, retired, reserve, ANG, USAF, USN, USMC and commercial are able to locate and keep in contact with other loadmasters around the globe. (id.8254)
(Hits: 526 )
Includes information on A-4 Skyhawks around the world, patches, newsletter and squadrons. (id.9615)
(Hits: 526 )

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