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A crew chief view on the homepage of photographer Butch Lottman. (id.347)
(Hits: 3863 )
Camp Pawai, Thailand, 1st Special Forces Regiment, Royal Thai Army, Exercise Cobra Gold '98. (id.343)
(Hits: 3224 )
Delineates the new Stealth Comanche Attack Helicopter, the world's most advanced helicopter and the cornerstone of the U.S. Army's Force XXI aviation modernization plan. (id.344)
(Hits: 2335 )
Gives details on the AH-64A, AH-64D, Longvow and WAH-64 and includes info on armament and pictures. (id.8147)
(Hits: 2184 )
The Sikorsky Black Hawk, America's helicopter, S-76, Seahawk, Comanche, Cypher, CH/MH-53, S-92. (id.346)
(Hits: 1763 )
Information on the AH-1 series, Cobra and UH-1M Huey gunship including pictures and Air Cavalry unit information. (id.8180)
(Hits: 1647 )
Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopter info with a maintenance section, photos and explanation of the system. (id.351)
(Hits: 1590 )
List of helicopter types and many photos with FAQ and other resources on helicopters. (id.352)
(Hits: 1381 )
U.S. Army helicopters and their internal components as well as other exciting aviation resources. (id.345)
(Hits: 1274 )
Photos of military helicopters from the UK, France, Russia and the USA. (id.9843)
(Hits: 1176 )
(ACH-47A) Chinook info with unit history and tribute to crew includes reunion information, pictures and artist info. (id.349)
(Hits: 1112 )
Includes news and a search feature for the Hawk Drivers. (id.354)
(Hits: 1016 )
Includes Helicopter info on US and Canadian military as well as a few from other militaries around the world and civilian helicopters. (id.8181)
(Hits: 898 )
Restoration facility that preserves vintage rotocrafts and includes info on H-10/S55 Chickasaw, H-21 & HRP-1, H-25, H-37 Mojave and H-43 Huskie. (id.9844)
(Hits: 886 )
A one stop resource for Army Aviation and the CH-47D Chinook Helicopter. (id.8710)
(Hits: 828 )
Includes news, gallery and information on training squadrons in the United Kingdom. (id.350)
(Hits: 818 )

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