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Home: Airborne

All Airborne Patches - This page LOADS SLOWLY because of the large number of images, please be patient! (id.6)
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Home: Airborne: 173rd Airborne Brigrade

173d Airborne "THE HERD" Graduates, Click on a name to find that persons Class. (id.60)
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Home: Airborne: 82nd Airborne Division

Unit Insignia, Lineage & Honors, Unit Decorations, Photographs & Artwork, Commanders, Order of Battle and War Service. (id.94)
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Home: Special Forces

Lyrics to the Ballad of the Green Beret by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler ~ Play It (id.9266)
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Home: Special Forces: General

Ballad of the Green Berets by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler and Robin Moore, 1966. (id.5398)
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Home: Special Forces: Groups

A/2/19TH Special Forces (Airborne), Rhode Island Army National Guard, Soldiers in this unit are trained as Green Berets. (id.5415)
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Current and Future Projects, Background Information, Activties, Classic Photos, Editorials,Comments and POC.. (id.5421)
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20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) U.S. Army National Guard, Headquarters, 20th SFGA - Birmingham, Alabama (id.5413)
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Home: Special Operations: 160th SOAR

"Night Stalkers," the capability to strike undetected during darkness, and distinguished performance around the world. (id.5538)
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Home: US Air Force Commandos

We carry a large selection of USAF Air Commando Special Operations Air Rescue Gunship pararescue unit insignia and coins. (id.7645)
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Home: US Army Rangers

75th Ranger Regiment Associaiton: for veterans and active duty Rangers, LRS, LRP and LRRP from the Vietnam War to the current 75th Ranger Regiment. (id.5598)
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Includes info on Ranger creed, history and contains a database, pictures and stories. (id.5636)
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Army Ranger community site featuring Ranger news, history, equipment reviews, and intelligent conversation. (id.11251)
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Home: US Marine Force Recon

For all current and former members of reconnaissance elements of the 1st Marine Division, including 1st Recon Bn, 1st Force Recon Co., 1st Recon Co., Amphib Recon, Deep Reconnaissance Platoon. (id.5649)
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Recon "Swift, Silent, Deadly" The 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion: Before, During Vietnam, and After. (id.5650)
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The unofficial Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman HM 8427 page (id.5645)
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