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The Global High-Risk Security Company, Tampa, Florida, Risk management services to confront security and information challenges. (id.403)
(Hits: 2586 )
Specialist tactical training services, recruitment of operators for high risk contracts. (id.415)
(Hits: 2434 )
Database of over 150,000 active vendors who do business with the US DoD. Contractors must be registered in CCR for contract eligibility. (id.8292)
(Hits: 1875 )
Management and technology consulting, services to major international corporations and government around the Globe. (id.401)
(Hits: 1813 )
Includes company profile, overview of information, recruiting events and job opportunities. (id.9618)
(Hits: 1681 )
Alexandria, VA, Huntsville, AL, San Antonio, Killeen, TX, and Heidelberg, Germany. Brussels, BE; Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; and Rockville MD. (id.404)
(Hits: 1604 )
Research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products, and services. (id.402)
(Hits: 1532 )
Includes info on business aviation & special mission aircraft, defense and commercial electronics and contract vehicles. (id.9405)
(Hits: 1403 )
Provides mission, values, small business info, careers info and services provided. (id.10609)
(Hits: 1193 )
MSG design, testing, and manufacture of gun mounts and integration of minor caliber weapons systems. Nashville, Tennessee. (id.407)
(Hits: 1159 )
News, information and analysis from Jane's Information Group, the leading source of information on defense, geopolitics. (id.397)
(Hits: 1154 )
Scientific and engineering design, construction, operations, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of advanced facilities and systems (id.400)
(Hits: 1117 )
Research and engineering providing information technology, systems integration and eBusiness solutions worldwide. (id.399)
(Hits: 1073 )
EER Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 Communications, has experienced exceptional growth over its 22 year history. EER is a recognized industry leader providing a diversified base of management and technical services, support, and products. EER Systems' corporate office is located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area in Chantilly, Virginia. (id.10711)
(Hits: 1038 )
Global Intelligence (Not News) of key nations and reality checks for consumers, corporations, news organizations (id.398)
(Hits: 1022 )
Special Acquisition Items that is a NATO/DoD approved dealer in military equipment. (id.414)
(Hits: 992 )

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