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Conducting special activities, and other functions related to foreign intelligence and national security. (id.365)
(Hits: 1031 )
Official U.S. Military images from around the world. The target audience is US Department of Defense and Government personnel. (id.367)
(Hits: 791 )
Information on the 13 government agencies and organizations that do the intelligence activities of the US government. (id.7817)
(Hits: 684 )
Center of Military History (CMH) is responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the U.S. Army. Washington, DC (id.378)
(Hits: 635 )
The DOD archive for still and motion imagery of historical significance. (id.368)
(Hits: 633 )
Official US Military images from around the world with the focus on US DOD and government personnel viewing. (id.394)
(Hits: 626 )
Collects and maintains an archive of automated manpower, personnel, training, and financial databases for the Department of Defense. (id.371)
(Hits: 563 )
DVIC is the official records center for the storage and preservation of visual information records of the US military. (id.395)
(Hits: 558 )
DTIC is the central Department of Defense facility for providing access to and facilitating the exchange of scientific and technical information. (id.364)
(Hits: 555 )
NRO designs builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites (NRO products); Chantilly, Virginia. (id.7818)
(Hits: 550 )
Has online databases with ask a librarian section, briefing guides, FAQ's and reference sources; Washington DC. (id.10603)
(Hits: 507 )
JIST3 facility, capability and training information. (id.7232)
(Hits: 490 )
National, independent military research organization with news and information on research topics. (id.10118)
(Hits: 483 )
Daily information for the Department of defense with news, briefings, events and photos. (id.10156)
(Hits: 479 )
Gives reports on flight planning notices for DoD flight only. (id.9773)
(Hits: 466 )
Nonprofit research organization promoting US foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and human rights. (id.10514)
(Hits: 432 )

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