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Combat Support Agency, supplies and services to America's military forces worldwide. (id.422)
(Hits: 813 )
JITAP provides training in tactics, techniques and procedures; San Diego, California. (id.423)
(Hits: 766 )
A combat support agences of the DIA that provides military intelligence to the military and decisionmakers; Washington DC. (id.425)
(Hits: 728 )
Defense Logistics Agency, Logistics Operations (J-3). Columbus, OH. (id.418)
(Hits: 674 )
DSS cunducts personnel security investigations provides Industrial security and Security Education and Training. (id.427)
(Hits: 670 )
Training in public affairs, journalism, broadcasting, graphics, video production, and visual information management. (id.417)
(Hits: 644 )
DoD 101 information that gives a basic understanding of organization with how it evolved and a broad overview of services. (id.430)
(Hits: 610 )
Department of Defense General Counsel contains ethics training information, news and resource library. (id.428)
(Hits: 599 )
(DSMC) Located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. (id.420)
(Hits: 598 )
AFIS is the principal information organization within DoD with news, command, education, technical services and press service information. (id.429)
(Hits: 596 )
Advises the Under Secretary of Defense on force health issues, assess deployments, protect the health of those deployed and facilitate change to support forces. (id.431)
(Hits: 577 )
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics; Arlington, Virginia. (id.426)
(Hits: 568 )
DLIS is a DoD logistics information Broker for the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS), with a mission to support DoD logisticians, other Government Agencies, NATO and International agencies. This includes information systems on Hazardous Materials (HMIRS), Environmental Reporting (ERLS), the Logistics Information Network (LINK), Business Systems Modernization (BSM); Federal Cataloging tools LOLA, MEDALS, EMALL, Services for Demilitarization Coding and Foreign Military Sales etc. (id.10724)
(Hits: 563 )
Supported by 1144 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who train, within the reserve services, for duty with the DLA. (id.421)
(Hits: 561 )
Courses, material, FAQ's, alumini services, laguage testing and organization information given; Lackland AFB, Texas. (id.8344)
(Hits: 557 )
Educates military and civilian leaders and offers courses in joint operational matters, info resources and acquisition; McNair and Norfolk, Virginia. (id.9854)
(Hits: 536 )

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