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The Army's only federal funded research and development center (FFRDC) for studies and analysis with research summaries. (id.9812)
(Hits: 132 )
Multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed for the US Department of Energy in areas of energy and environment; Oak Ridge, Tennessee. (id.9809)
(Hits: 128 )
Contains news and provides an independent evaluation of ecological effects of SRS operations through research to Dept of Energy. (id.10832)
(Hits: 127 )
Funded by the US Department of Energy and operated by Iowa State University with news, history and program information. (id.10823)
(Hits: 125 )
DoE national laboratory for nuclear physics research with news and events info operated by Southeastern Universities Research Association. (id.10830)
(Hits: 121 )
Contains plans, organization and info on scientific programs; Department of Energy, operated by the University of California. (id.10829)
(Hits: 120 )
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory funded by the US Department of Energy with fusion basics, research projects and info on technology transfer. (id.10833)
(Hits: 119 )
US government's nuclear materials measurement science of nuclear materials that is certifying authority with measurement reference base; Dept of Energy. (id.10835)
(Hits: 116 )
(WIPP), Carlsbad Field Office with news and documents operated by Westinghouse TRU Solutions for the US Dept. of Energy. (id.11092)
(Hits: 109 )
Gives info on research program, computing, organization and scientific info; Dept of Energy, operated by Stanford University. (id.10831)
(Hits: 108 )

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