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Home: Department of Defense


Defense Contractors (46)
Special Operations an other Defense Contracting Firms.(id.28)
Information Centers (38)
CIA, Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC), Technical, Visual and other information departments... (id.452)
Logistics and Training (28)
............... (id.29)
Research and Development (45)
............. (id.30)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

U.S. Military Pay Scale Charts for 2001 (id.374)
(Hits: 4411 )
2000 Military Basic Pay Tables, does not include Alottments, Allowances, Bonuses or Benifits. (id.366)
(Hits: 2539 )
Web site for the DoD and finding U.S. military information. Also hosts the Government Information Locator Service (GILS). (id.373)
(Hits: 2114 )
Headquarters of the United States Department of Depense with history and tour information; Washington DC. (id.389)
(Hits: 1837 )
The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war. (id.362)
(Hits: 1795 )
Pay and Travel Information, Military and Civilian Jobs, Web Invoicing EDA, EDI, EFT, Key Points of Contact, Guides and Regulations. (id.370)
(Hits: 1775 )
Contains graphics, imagery, sounds and news photos with image resources. (id.393)
(Hits: 1676 )
Electronic link to the JCS, the Joint Staff and America's combatant commands. (id.392)
(Hits: 1533 )
Includes weekly news around the world with forecasts and analysis and daily updates and supscription info. (id.379)
(Hits: 1521 )
An extension of the US Postal Service that provides DoD personnel and authorized users mail services around the world. (id.387)
(Hits: 1493 )
U.S. military activities in Operation JOINT FORGE, the NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. (id.376)
(Hits: 1492 )
Safeguards from weapons of mass destruction by reducing the present threat and preparing for the future threat. (id.372)
(Hits: 1473 )
Battle Creek Federal Cener, Mission. DRMS manages the DoD Surplus Property Sales Program. (id.375)
(Hits: 1472 )
A portal to other Joint Staff Doctrine Related Sites. (id.363)
(Hits: 1442 )
Resources to help Military Personnel and Families (id.377)
(Hits: 1440 )
Badger was constructed in 1942 in Sauk County, Wisconsin, near the city of Baraboo. Plant operation was terminated in March 1975.. (id.386)
(Hits: 1331 )

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