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Defense Contractors (46)
Special Operations an other Defense Contracting Firms.(id.28)
Information Centers (38)
CIA, Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC), Technical, Visual and other information departments... (id.452)
Logistics and Training (28)
............... (id.29)
Research and Development (45)
............. (id.30)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Appointed by the president with advice and consent of the Senate, the General Counsel is by law the Chief Legal Officer of DoD. (id.384)
(Hits: 902 )
Composed of the Chair, voting members represented by each Military Service as well as alternate members. (id.388)
(Hits: 857 )
The Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) serves as the DoD center for electromagnetic spectrum management matters. (id.369)
(Hits: 842 )
Includes advisories, briefings, speeches, transcripts, contracts and archives with abilitity to recieve news via email. (id.9074)
(Hits: 822 )
Has news, civilian safeguards and operational focus information with overview; Fort Monroe, Virginia. (id.7228)
(Hits: 820 )
Digital marketplace for the government contracting industry with product info, buyer's guide, services and news. (id.8296)
(Hits: 804 )
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OASD/HA) creates policy for the Military Health System (MHS. (id.385)
(Hits: 784 )
Provides direction and supervision of security cooperation programs in support of US national security and foreign policy objectives. (id.10940)
(Hits: 616 )
Community for government buyers and vendors with news, bid information, buyer center, product tour and vendor directory. (id.8295)
(Hits: 609 )
Electronic bid-matching service that serves as an aid to small business to compete in obtaining government contracts. (id.10102)
(Hits: 604 )
Per Diem Committee travel information that includes FAQ's, directory, rates and travel regulations. (id.8355)
(Hits: 599 )
US militry worldwide commissary system with procurement info that resells supplies. (id.8515)
(Hits: 593 )
Provides audits and financial advisory services and includs contact information and DCAA publications. (id.8756)
(Hits: 590 )
"Protecting America's Warfighter" and includes programs, computer intrusion alerts, fraud alerts, mission and news. (id.8973)
(Hits: 582 )
CERT provides AntiViirus information & advisories, poicy, technical reports and security resources. (id.9075)
(Hits: 575 )
Has news releases, reports, publications and organization with info on investigations and policies. (id.8749)
(Hits: 559 )

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