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Free translation of web sites and text for Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Portuguese. (id.546)
(Hits: 983 )
A dictionary for over 200 languages and dialects. (id.549)
(Hits: 892 )
French Site that Translates most European languages text or complete web pages. (id.548)
(Hits: 731 )
Translate your documents online for free including Single Page Websites. TRY THIS.) (id.545)
(Hits: 728 )
Has Source language to Target language with Several To choose from. (id.551)
(Hits: 669 )
Interactive calculators for many measurement systems both commonly used. (id.550)
(Hits: 600 )
Systran technology , the brains of the Babel Fish. (id.547)
(Hits: 587 )

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