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American Red Cross (26)
ARC sites including chapters throughout the United States.. (id.539)
General (17)
Non Military General..(id.451)
Language Translators (7)
Translate your Foreign Language Documents Free(id.37)
Maps and Directories (33)
Free Online Maps And Directories.(id.38)
News Articles (42)
Mostly General Military Stories.(id.40)
State Employment (21)
Individual Employment and Compensation Offices by States.... (id.489)
Terrorism (23)
Includes terrorist groups, news, research and background.. (id.544)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

The Military-Brats Registry offers you a way to find your friends and a way for them to find you. (id.467)
(Hits: 887 )
Association of Former Intelligence Officers, People whom have participated in events of historic significance. (id.470)
(Hits: 886 )
Check opening page to see if you have a local access number available. Download, No monthly bills. No fees of any kind. Ever. Free, unlimited, direct access to anywhere on the Internet. (id.461)
(Hits: 834 )
Email/pen pal to send correspondence to military that do not receive large amounts of mail. (id.10520)
(Hits: 795 )
NI/USR is a non-profit institution that helps improve disaster response through research and analysis. (id.472)
(Hits: 758 )
Military locator service with database for Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force. (id.8899)
(Hits: 700 )
Finding and locator information source including militarily seeking information. (id.486)
(Hits: 675 )
Overview of information on the Native American Indians in the military with Navajo resources. (id.478)
(Hits: 671 )
For all Americans who attended or were connected with schools overseas, and Military Brats who attended schools overseas and in the United States. (id.468)
(Hits: 666 )
A military magazine with articles and opinions on future weapons and warfare, with pay to view library. (id.9184)
(Hits: 640 )
NMFA has members from all ranks of the seven uniformed services and their families with a focus to advocate rights and benefits of military families. (id.7321)
(Hits: 636 )
Army humor that has air defense artillery misfits, funny travel stories and satirical pieces. (id.8098)
(Hits: 621 )
Free web-based e-mail. You can access from any computer with a web browser. (id.455)
(Hits: 560 )
Merriam-Webster delivers the most up-to-date dictionary on the Web — now with new words for 2001! (id.7278)
(Hits: 555 )
An international organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists and collectors to display historic military transport. (id.484)
(Hits: 544 )
American Council on Education, Center for Adult Learning with service on credentials and obtaining credits for military courses and occupations. (id.491)
(Hits: 511 )

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