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The Library preserves a collection of more than 119 million items, WASHINGTON, D.C. (id.1067)
(Hits: 531 )
Designed for young people and families, the largest library in the world done by the Library of Congress in Washington DC. (id.9098)
(Hits: 450 )
History events and happenings of note retold daily with archives and search feature. (id.9995)
(Hits: 440 )
Online versions of exhibitions at the Library of Congress with dates of physical desplay in LoC. (id.1071)
(Hits: 424 )
Legislative information with house and senate directories a service of the Library of Congress. (id.1072)
(Hits: 424 )
Gateway to collections with teaching and learning information on these historical collections. (id.1069)
(Hits: 421 )
FLICC provides service and guidance to Federal libraries and information centers and includes forum, publications and educational programs. (id.11143)
(Hits: 419 )
Promotes creativity in society and provides information services to public as well as administers the copyright law. (id.1070)
(Hits: 413 )
Daily news, features and events information are given for the Library of Congress. (id.9099)
(Hits: 398 )

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