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NIST provides chemical measurement infrastructure to enhance industry's productivity, trade, health, safety & environment; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1128)
(Hits: 461 )
Supports the information technology industry with measurements, standards and research; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1133)
(Hits: 456 )
NIST provides measurement services and research for electronic, optical and radiation technologies; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1129)
(Hits: 455 )
Promote a healthy US manufacturing economy by solving tomorrow's measurement and standards problems; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1131)
(Hits: 442 )
Includes AML news releases, photographs, briefings and notices; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1134)
(Hits: 429 )
Images and photos of research being done within the NIST Laboratories. (id.8738)
(Hits: 427 )
Map of the United States that includes all US time zones that is accurate within 0.5 seconds. (id.8619)
(Hits: 414 )
Works with industry, universities and government laboratories to improve measurements and standards infrastructure for materials; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1132)
(Hits: 413 )
Conducts programs that promote quality of testing in construction materia; located in the Building Materials Division; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1136)
(Hits: 409 )
Provides targeted metrology support to the electronics and electrical sectors; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1127)
(Hits: 405 )
Studies building materials; computer-integrated construction practices; Gaithersburg, Maryland. (id.1130)
(Hits: 402 )
Conducts research in a wide range of chemical, physical, materials and information sciences and engineering; Boulder, Colorado. (id.1135)
(Hits: 397 )
Includes overview, products, services, programs, FAQs, budget, directory and industry information. (id.11088)
(Hits: 364 )

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