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Programs that assess, manage, and promote conservation of living marine resources; Long Beach, California. (id.1177)
(Hits: 125 )
Federal fisheries research activities in Kodiak date back to the 1930's; Alaska. (id.1192)
(Hits: 120 )
Information on research and sea turtles with news, history and photos; Galveston, Texas. (id.1185)
(Hits: 118 )
Trade leads, current and historical trade statistics, import requirements, news, aquaculture inforamtion, export, tarif and market information. (id.1182)
(Hits: 118 )
Undertakes endangered species act implementation for listed salmonids; Olympia, Washington. (id.1204)
(Hits: 116 )
Researh on efects of oceanographic and ecological conditions on productivity and health of the NE US Conteinental Shelf ecosystem; Rhode Island. (id.1188)
(Hits: 116 )
Uses genetic and quantitive methods to characterize the major components of biodiversity in living marine resources. (id.1187)
(Hits: 115 )
Intent is to strengthen the management and conservation of interjurisdictional marine and anadromous resources; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1181)
(Hits: 112 )
Conducts multi-disciplinary research programs to provide management infor to support national and regional NMFS programs; Miami, Florida. (id.1195)
(Hits: 112 )
Houses a public and research aqarium and is homeport for two research vessels located on Vineyard Sound, Woods Hole, Maryland. (id.1189)
(Hits: 108 )
Interacts with Fisheries to manage, conserve and enhance habitats for fishery resource, protected species and living marine resources; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1179)
(Hits: 107 )
Undertaked Endangered Species Act (ESA) implementation for listed salmonids; Boise Idaho. (id.1197)
(Hits: 106 )
The Observer Program office brief and debrief observers and assist in resolving sampling problems aboard fishing vessels and processing plants; Alaska. (id.1193)
(Hits: 104 )
News with info on habitat conservation, international negotiations, regulations and research; Juneau, Alaska. (id.1175)
(Hits: 100 )
Does collection, receipt and initial processing of fishery dependent data describing the commercial fisheries' harvests and landings in the local area. (id.1199)
(Hits: 98 )
Present research emphasizes aquaculture and habitat related work, located on the shore of Long Island Sound; Milford, Connecticut. (id.1183)
(Hits: 97 )

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