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A fringing coral reef ecosystem within an eroded volcanic crater on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa. (id.1499)
(Hits: 130 )
Continuously Operating Reference Stations that provide Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier phase and code range measurements. (id.1518)
(Hits: 118 )
Protects the wreck of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor; Newport News, Virginia. (id.1492)
(Hits: 116 )
Serves the nation's coastal resource managers with info on projects and services provided by center; Charleston, South Carolina. (id.1473)
(Hits: 111 )
Information to understand and mitigate the effects of oil and hazardous materials in our waters and along our coasts; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1493)
(Hits: 109 )
Produces nautical charts for US waters including its possessions and territories; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1482)
(Hits: 108 )
Includes underwater pictures and informaiton on th Research Vessel Jane Yarn; Savannah, Georgia. (id.1509)
(Hits: 107 )
Develope and improve cartographics, hiydrographics and oceanographic systems used by the Coast Survey and National Ocean Service. (id.1489)
(Hits: 106 )
Provides coastal resource managers with practical data products focused on oceans and beaches; Charleston, South Carolina. (id.1483)
(Hits: 104 )
FMSA protects the resources through collaborative ducation, outrach and research; California. (id.1502)
(Hits: 104 )
Monitors, surveys and assesses coastal environmental quality, habitats and resource distribution; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1516)
(Hits: 103 )
Privides a liaison between NOAA and the state, also fosters a state geodetic coordinator program to fill a need for more accurate local geodetic surveys. (id.1500)
(Hits: 102 )
Information on the management of Marine Sanctuaries and the scientific, educational and resource protection activities. (id.1477)
(Hits: 100 )
Covers 3,310-square nautical miles of marine waters off the Olympic Peninsula coastline and provides habitat for diverse marine mammal faunas; Washington. (id.1486)
(Hits: 99 )
DARP conducts damage assesments and restoration of coastal and marine resources caused by oil spills, hazardous materials and ship groundings. (id.1494)
(Hits: 96 )
Identifies issues for watersheds and examines how interrelationships among ecology, land use, demographics and socioeconomic trends affect these issues. (id.1484)
(Hits: 95 )

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