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Marine Fisheries (36)
National Marine Fisheries Service Sites... (id.69)
National Environmental Satellite,
Data and Information Service sites... (id.70)
Newsletters (21)
Periodic, sporadic, and one-issue newsletters
from around NOAA....... (id.71)
NWS (148) new
National Weather Service Sites.. (id.72)
OAR (40)
Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric
Research sites.... (id.79)
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  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Information on the five port offices with location and contact info that provide support to vessels homeported at these locations. (id.1144)
(Hits: 526 )
A storage facility for meteorological, climatological, geophysical, and oceanographic data. (id.1137)
(Hits: 457 )
Ensure that operations, facilities, equipment and vessels comply with federal, state and local environmental requirements. (id.1154)
(Hits: 454 )
Provides focus for NOAA's multiple activities in the Chesapeake Bay with the multi-state/Federal partnership; Annapolis, Maryland. (id.1162)
(Hits: 439 )
Information about coral reefs and the rain forest of the sea; Washington DC. (id.1150)
(Hits: 438 )
Links on the Arctic to data and info from research institutions, relevant data, graphics, and forecasts. (id.1138)
(Hits: 425 )
The NOAA's Pacific vessel operations and support facility locted on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. (id.1146)
(Hits: 423 )
Responsible for administration and implementation of the Diving Program as well as aircraft and ships; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1139)
(Hits: 420 )
The smallest of the seven uniformed services of the United Stese an integral part of the NOAA an agency of the US Department of Commerce. (id.1142)
(Hits: 411 )
Information on grants including circulars, bulletin, unfunded extension, application forms and inventions report; Washington DC. (id.1159)
(Hits: 410 )
Accelerate the adoption of advanced computing, communications and information technology throughout NOAA; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1143)
(Hits: 410 )
Airplanes and helicopters of the AOC are flown in support of mission to promote environmental assessment, prediction and stewardship of the Earth's environment. (id.1140)
(Hits: 406 )
Publication of the NOAA Diversity Council that includes briefings, education and organizational assessment; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1160)
(Hits: 403 )
Gives directions, hours and phone numbers; includes info services with scientific, technical and legislative information; Silver Spring, Maryland. (id.1163)
(Hits: 400 )
EASC provides administrative services along the east coast of the US; Norfolk, Virginia. (id.1156)
(Hits: 396 )
Online resource center for CASC customers, vendors and employees; Kansas City, Missouri. (id.1158)
(Hits: 395 )

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