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Associations (4)
Associations of the US Public Health Service.... (id.549)
Cancer (CRI) (1)
All National Cancer Research Institute Sites.. (id.642)
CDC (17)
All Centers for Disease, Health, Control and Prevention sites.. (id.641)
Disaster Assistance Teams (31)
NDMRT - National Disaster Medical Response Teams.. (id.545)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Commissioned Corps Readiness Force training information, general info and application. (id.7239)
(Hits: 607 )
Designated as the official source for replacement PHS award items; Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (id.7240)
(Hits: 603 )
Info on nursing mentoring program, strategic plan and employment information. (id.7291)
(Hits: 600 )
Program is for every officer to understand the concepts of a healthy lifestyle and implement a wellness-based lifestyle for theymselves. (id.7285)
(Hits: 582 )
Personnel, payroll and health care issues for officers and retirees of the Commissioned Corps; Rockville, Maryland. (id.7281)
(Hits: 580 )
PHS-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team, a component of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). (id.7342)
(Hits: 578 )
Office of Emergency Preparedness with response team training information, jobs at HHS/OEP and current activations and deployments; Washington DC. (id.7277)
(Hits: 565 )
Gives mission, charter for the veterinary professional, mentoring program, Officer info and category notes. (id.7295)
(Hits: 557 )
Health topics and resources with data, statistics, publications, news, training and publications; Atlanta, Georgia. (id.8439)
(Hits: 548 )
Includes a threaded discussion board with assorted topics and conferences, physician vacancies, news and announcements. (id.7290)
(Hits: 524 )
Career development, PAC, opportunities and mentoring program with news. (id.7296)
(Hits: 521 )
Information on courses including graduate education, medicine and nursing as well as info on research recruitment and alumni; Bethesda, Maryland. (id.9095)
(Hits: 513 )
A multidisciplinary category composed of mobile health-care providers with officer info, education and career development. (id.7283)
(Hits: 505 )
Contains dental news and information with mentor programs and career opportunities. (id.7289)
(Hits: 503 )
Provides national and international public health engineering with newsletter, mentoring program, vacancies and emergency preparedness. (id.7292)
(Hits: 498 )
Scientist Professional Advisory Committee (SciPAC) provides news and info to officers and civilian scientists interested in joining corps. (id.7284)
(Hits: 493 )

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