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South African Airborne Elite Paratroopers and Rapid Reaction Force Pictures, info, selection and training of a paratrooper.. (id.7613)
(Hits: 1256 )
Elite group with information on operations, political overview, pseudo-terrorist operations and photos; South Africa. (id.8789)
(Hits: 779 )
32 Battalion was the premier Unit of the Old South African Defence Force. From its inception in 1975 until it's disbandment in the 1990's it was the most feared Unit by it's foes (id.9930)
(Hits: 760 )
Database of units from the first "Way-Station" to present including military history of South Africa. (id.7949)
(Hits: 701 )
South African Defence Force information that includes articles, photos and books of personnal accounts of military service; South Africa (id.7952)
(Hits: 567 )
The official website of the South African Special Forces League - serving retired and active duty Special Forces Operators and Support Personnel (id.11666)
(Hits: 549 )
SADF personnel who died for country from 1962 to 1994 when the SADF was merged into the SANDF and includes stories, atats and unit info; South Africa. (id.7947)
(Hits: 424 )
Information on services which include personal safety and relocation, mission and reasons for need of safety in South Africa. (id.10127)
(Hits: 419 )
Includes information and news on the Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical Service of South Africa. (id.8042)
(Hits: 379 )
Shows organizational profile, crime statistics and prevention, policies and procedures and firearms; South Africa. (id.9730)
(Hits: 355 )
Extensive history of Navy that includes the Royal Navy; Simon's Town, South Africa. (id.7950)
(Hits: 341 )
The official website of the 32 Battalion Veterans Association (id.12650)
(Hits: 288 )
Capital: Pretoria, Location: Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. (id.1824)
(Hits: 288 )
Contains mesage board, guestbook and surveys and includes news; South Africa. (id.8607)
(Hits: 267 )
Includes archive and military history journal by group that studies, records and disseminates military aspects of the history of South Africa. (id.9507)
(Hits: 267 )
Consular, visa, commercial, education, press services, economic info and Ambassador's remarks to view. (id.843)
(Hits: 246 )

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