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Has organization, news, maps and structure and events of the Army of Colombia. (id.9494)
(Hits: 380 )
Small unit that is from all of the armed forces, security and police forces that does hostage rescue and VIP protection; Colombia (id.7983)
(Hits: 265 )
Former SOF Tactical Rescue Team for K&R/ Kidnap & Ransom, Rescue Operations/Repatriations, EP-Executive Protection, Special Covert Operations for mitigating high risk security matters. (id.11841)
(Hits: 228 )
Public affairs details with comercial service, foreign agriculture, consular section with visa info and bilateral topics. (id.885)
(Hits: 228 )
Details of history, geography, society, economy, transportation, communication and government of country. (id.1884)
(Hits: 194 )
Capital: Bogotá, Location: Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama. (id.1608)
(Hits: 189 )
A group of Colombia that is a paramilitary right-wing anti-guerrilla forces with news done in Spanish; Colombia. (id.8802)
(Hits: 160 )
Naval force information including programs, structure and news; Republic of Colombia. (id.9495)
(Hits: 152 )

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