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Version of Spetsnaz GRU: Knife combat - fighting techniques and tactics. Entrenching shovel in a close combat. Hand-to-hand combat, including combat with "bare hands" against several armed enemies. Moscow, 2003. (id.11583)
(Hits: 929 )
Divisions of the Russian Parachute Troops (RPT), The dossier, Schools, History and Archives. (id.2124)
(Hits: 710 )
Combat Martial arts instructed by former Spetsnaz and MVD trainers. (id.11881)
(Hits: 422 )
Dedicated to collectors of the Mosin Nagant rifle. (id.2123)
(Hits: 267 )
Index of Russian Naval ship names, fleet, carrier aircraft data and technical information given. (id.8608)
(Hits: 226 )
Extensive site covering consular services, embassy departments, doing business in Russia, and more. (id.788)
(Hits: 215 )
Provides information on chemical and biological weapons and how to protect forces and/or troops from radiation with photos from 1915 to present. (id.8955)
(Hits: 214 )
Information on all aspects of aviation includes links to museums, movies, trivia and featured news. (id.2129)
(Hits: 209 )
Russian Special Forces training courses for civilians. (id.12854)
(Hits: 199 )
Coordination Scientific Information Center (GLONASS) Global Navigation Satelite System with history, publications and news in English and Russian. (id.10751)
(Hits: 182 )
Info given on US Ambassador, International development, public diplomacy, commercial, consular and American citizen services. (id.854)
(Hits: 181 )
Capital: Moscow, Location: Northern Asia (that part west of the Urals is sometimes included with Europe), bordering the Arctic Ocean, between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. (id.1815)
(Hits: 180 )
Contains info on admirals, St.Petersburg, armoured fleet and modern ships with flag and history of Russian Navy. (id.2128)
(Hits: 173 )
Contains info on geography, society, economy, government, transportation and national security of country. (id.1950)
(Hits: 167 )
Includes photos, discussion board, guestbood and information on Russian aviation as related to the Air Force in Russia. (id.10750)
(Hits: 166 )
Alphabetical list of Russian ship names with their type, class and commission date; Russia. (id.8087)
(Hits: 166 )

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