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Info on Malaysian Special Forces, History, Training, Roles of the Paskal, Grup Gerak Khas and VAT 69 / UTK. (id.8310)
(Hits: 1947 )
Royal Malaysian Navy Elite Force PASKAL (id.11794)
(Hits: 824 )
Royal Malaysian Air Force with organization, history, rank, training, helicopter, maritime aircraft, fighter and transport aircraft info; Malaysia. (id.10467)
(Hits: 688 )
Contains previous chiefs of Army, rank structure, career information, organization and history; Malaysia. (id.10466)
(Hits: 640 )
Information given on the Army, Navy and Air Force that includes history, organization and mission. (id.8523)
(Hits: 606 )
Information including orgainization of the Royal Malaysian Navy. (id.9733)
(Hits: 392 )
Capital: Kuala Lumpur, Location: Southeastern Asia, peninsula and northern one-third of the island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia and the South China Sea, south of Vietnam. (id.1695)
(Hits: 285 )
Contains history, activities and goals of the Royal Malaysian Navy Reserve (RMNR) unit (id.9734)
(Hits: 274 )
88-storey building located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, the capital of Malaysia with facts, figures, photos and more one of the world's tallest buildings. (id.8522)
(Hits: 261 )
Recent Ambassador speeces to view with consular, economic affairs, commercial, public affairs offices and a LRC resource center. (id.889)
(Hits: 257 )

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