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World, with two large areas of polar climates separated by two rather narrow temperate zones from a wide equatorial band of tropical to subtropical climates. (id.1869)
(Hits: 683 )
Capital: Jamestown, Location: Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, about mid-way between South America and Africa. (id.1817)
(Hits: 597 )
In depth profiles of world nations. Includes, maps, flags, weather, news, etc. (id.9173)
(Hits: 589 )
Location: Body of water between Africa, Europe, the Southern Ocean, and the Western Hemisphere. (id.1646)
(Hits: 569 )
Location: Body of water between Africa, the Southern Ocean, Asia, and Australia. (id.1737)
(Hits: 569 )
Location: Body of water between the Southern Ocean, Asia, Australia, and the Western Hemisphere. (id.1798)
(Hits: 568 )
Location: Body of water between 60 degrees south latitude and Antarctica. (id.1822)
(Hits: 553 )

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