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Denmark's SOF and LRRP units: JaegerCorps, FrogmanCorps, Sirius-patrol, 2 Patrol Company and Army Operations Command (AOC). (id.9276)
(Hits: 1959 )
The Jägercorps is the Danish Army Special Operations Forces. (id.9825)
(Hits: 1484 )
Includes details and specifics on the military including army, navy and air force; Denmark. (id.7955)
(Hits: 1027 )
Publications, facts, figures and information of the Danish Armed Forces Joint Command in Denmark. (id.7954)
(Hits: 780 )
Patrol Company AOC is a Special Operations Capable LRS unit available to the Danish Army Operation Command. (id.9277)
(Hits: 713 )
Ministry of Defence Denmark with information and resources; Denmark. (id.7958)
(Hits: 670 )
The Danish Home Guard that does surveillance, reporting, guarding, protection activities and some combat operations; Denmark. (id.7957)
(Hits: 661 )
Patruljekompagni/HOK aka PTLCOY/AOC is a long range surveillance company (LRSC) within the Danish Home Guard (Volunteer). (id.11632)
(Hits: 661 )
The Royal Danish Air Force with history and photographs; Denmark. (id.7956)
(Hits: 625 )
Capital: Copenhagen, Location: Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany. (id.1674)
(Hits: 607 )
Covers 1801 thru 1993 including campaigns, battles, tineline, ships and Naval life of the Navy of Denmark. (id.8075)
(Hits: 573 )
Consular/visa information with the latest news, policy issues and details on studying in the U.S. (id.845)
(Hits: 565 )
Dansk panser display all armoured weapons in the modern danish army. All about MBT, howitzers and helicopters. (id.12902)
(Hits: 544 )
Information is given on the CIOR/CIMR for this professional organization in Denmark. (id.8073)
(Hits: 541 )
Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly er den formelle ejer af DC-3 flyet med registreringen OY-BPB. (id.7959)
(Hits: 522 )
Maritime organization with news and navigational warnings; Denmark. (id.9429)
(Hits: 508 )

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