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Information and news in PDF format on the navy, air force, western, norther and eastern commands in Finland. (id.7968)
(Hits: 520 )
Gives information, news and organization of the ground forces or Army of Finland. (id.9497)
(Hits: 350 )
Consular services with defense information, commercial services, public affairs and news including the Washington file. (id.870)
(Hits: 272 )
UN and OSCE peacekeeping operations from the view of the Ministry of Defence in Finland. (id.7969)
(Hits: 261 )
Capital: Helsinki, Location: Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and GUlf of Finland, betwen Sweden and Russia. (id.1767)
(Hits: 256 )
Has organization, duties, emergency numbers, license services, criminal investigation, security and trafic information. (id.8913)
(Hits: 252 )
Official Navy site with organization, news and history of the Navy of Finland. (id.9446)
(Hits: 227 )
Official site with info on personnel, mission commander, training, Air Force units and history; Finland. (id.9457)
(Hits: 197 )
Has info on the official residences, the office, photographs, speeches, interviews, events, news and presidents. (id.8914)
(Hits: 191 )
Ministry of Defence of Finland with overview of information; Helsinki, Finland. (id.9684)
(Hits: 191 )
Includes info on embassies, policies, reports, current events and news of activities. (id.8915)
(Hits: 175 )

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