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Royal Norwegian Navy new Frigates data with integrated weapon system & platform system info and helicopter information for combat power; Norway. (id.7579)
(Hits: 330 )
Cavalry history in Norway founded in 1663 with info on equipment of the Cavalry units; Norway. (id.7578)
(Hits: 313 )
Royal Norwegian Navy's first Fast Patrol Craft with 5 more vessels of this class inlcludes facts, history and logbook; Norway. (id.9217)
(Hits: 302 )
Information given on the command structure, districts, training and tasks; Norway. (id.7966)
(Hits: 294 )
Capital: Oslo, Location: Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Sweden. (id.1795)
(Hits: 271 )
Ambassador welcome message with daily policy news and current issues; also contains services and info on US and Norway. (id.873)
(Hits: 258 )
Largest Air Force station in Norway with location info, history and overview; Norway. (id.7581)
(Hits: 218 )
Organization and information give on the Land Command of North Norwy, Landnon (DKN). (id.7963)
(Hits: 218 )
Includes responsibilities, location and history; Norway. (id.7576)
(Hits: 198 )
The official English language site of the Norwegian armed forces. (id.13234)
(Hits: 184 )

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