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Facts and figures with the lates news of operation allied forces, humanitarian situation and speeces and statements; Yugolavia. (id.7569)
(Hits: 501 )
Prezentacija najelitnije jedinice VJ. Istorijat,tipovi padobrana,obuka,galerija slika... (id.11230)
(Hits: 479 )
Yugoslav Army's official site that includes structure, staff, branches and arms, special units, organization and news; Yugoslavia. (id.9418)
(Hits: 383 )
Air and Air Defence Force history, aviation industry, unit badges, service types and photos for Yugoslavia. (id.7567)
(Hits: 308 )
The Yugoslav (from Sebia) parachutists an infantry unit, but can, in case of need, use jeeps carried from place to place by the Mi-8 helicopters or the An-26 aircraft. (id.11892)
(Hits: 256 )
History of the former Yugoslavia country with geography, society, economy, government and security topics. (id.1932)
(Hits: 220 )
Official site of Federal secretariat for Information - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia = Savezni sekretarijat za informisanje SRJ (id.9380)
(Hits: 203 )
Serbian Army, the 63rd Parachute Battalion, Yugoslavia...ZA otadzbinu,za druga, za pusku, za vojnicku i ratnicku cast, padobranci 63.padobranske brigade rade! (id.14949)
(Hits: 115 )

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