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Find information on Portuguese Commandos, Rangers, Paratroopers and Marines. (id.1566)
(Hits: 946 )
Gives information on the history, organization, recruiting, news and activity of the Army of Portugal. (id.9501)
(Hits: 400 )
airborne, paratroops , special forces, videos, guestbook, green beret , (id.12142)
(Hits: 302 )
Organization, air bases, aircraft and photos of the Força Aérea Portuguesa (FAP). (id.1605)
(Hits: 274 )
Has Information on education in the US, news, US foreign policy, consular services and articles and speeches of the Ambassador. (id.874)
(Hits: 268 )
Contains information on area, job opportunities, history and news of this police force in Portugal. (id.9500)
(Hits: 246 )
Capital: Lisbon, Location: Southwestern Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain. (id.1810)
(Hits: 232 )
Profile of country includes info on society, economy, transportation, government, politics and national security. (id.1947)
(Hits: 208 )
AOE-Associação de Operações Especiais in inglish= Special Operations Association (id.12696)
(Hits: 203 )
Portugese Air Force information including history, aircraft and engines; Portugal. (id.8080)
(Hits: 201 )
Photos and wings (id.12607)
(Hits: 193 )
CPREC - Companhia de Precursores Aeroterrestres - Portuguese Special Forces - Pathfinders special unit - Green Berets (id.13297)
(Hits: 182 )

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