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Greek Paratroopers, Underwater Demolition Teams, Commandos and Amfibious Commando Squadron. (id.1568)
(Hits: 4157 )
Hellenic Navy Division of Underwater Demolition. Established in 1957 with the help of the USN SEALs. (id.11413)
(Hits: 1997 )
Greek Military photos,Hellenic navy,greek airforce,Greece artillery (id.12311)
(Hits: 1454 )
(Hits: 1414 )
Military information with some declassified Hellenic info and live news for the military of Greece. (id.7549)
(Hits: 1181 )
Submarine force information including historical data and photos; Greece. (id.7547)
(Hits: 996 )
The soldiers pages online with creative services, done in Greek; Cyprus, Greece. (id.7548)
(Hits: 853 )
Has historical info, mission, organization, equipment, uniforms, medals, schools and photos for the Army of Greece. (id.7545)
(Hits: 795 )
Has history, equipment, personnel and operations information of the Hellenic Air Force; Greece. (id.9459)
(Hits: 703 )
Capital: Athens, Location: Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey. (id.1754)
(Hits: 679 )
Has history, career information and mission with archives and news; Greece. (id.8030)
(Hits: 658 )
Contains defence policy, news, recuitment information and newsletter; Greece. (id.1588)
(Hits: 453 )
Has current issues, office of Public Affairs, info on US, and recent press releases with letter from Ambassador. (id.864)
(Hits: 439 )
The Greek Army elite teams. Photos, videos and news from Greek special forces. (id.15476)
(Hits: 357 )

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