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Description of GVP-LRRP that includes training and pictures; Belgium. (id.9204)
(Hits: 1591 )
Has news, organization, personnel, equipment, missions, photos and events. (id.1994)
(Hits: 880 )
Includes news, recuitment and reserve information with Navy, Air Force and Army info in Dutch, French and English. (id.1992)
(Hits: 677 )
News and resources for information on the Navy, Army, Air Force and Reserve of Belgian. (id.7960)
(Hits: 507 )
Belgium para-commando pictures , insignes... (id.11506)
(Hits: 498 )
PPA history and information on the No 1 Long Range Demolition Squadron commanded by Popski of Belgium. (id.7356)
(Hits: 466 )
Includes Military history, virtual visit, documentation centre and exhibitions; Belgian. (id.1996)
(Hits: 380 )
"Once a Grenadier, alwasys a Grenadier" with detailed histroy the creation of the Grenadiers including World War I and WWII information; Belgian. (id.1999)
(Hits: 369 )
Includes history of the Air Force with news and military rank information. (id.1993)
(Hits: 338 )
Official site of the Belgian Air Commando's, uda, vve, ibe, upi,... (id.13378)
(Hits: 295 )
We are self-manufacturers & exporters all sorts of hand embroidered gold/silver bullion wires badges,Masonic badges,Family crest,Patch,Emblem, Regalia,Pennants, Flags,Banners & lanyards etc for Military & Sporting Clubs. (id.10984)
(Hits: 292 )
Services, with classes, admissions and course information; Belgian. (id.1998)
(Hits: 276 )
Information for both American and Belgian citizens in their dealings with the United States. (id.789)
(Hits: 269 )
Contains news, events, history, gallery and reserve information. (id.1995)
(Hits: 262 )
Provides resources for police information and contact points in French, Dutch and English for Belgium. (id.10450)
(Hits: 252 )
Premier site which offers firearms Ebooks. A must to visit. You will find here data unavailiable anywhere else. (id.8379)
(Hits: 251 )

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