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Come see and learn about the Dutch Army Commandos; Special Forces from Holland. (id.2010)
(Hits: 1772 )
Has history and information including guestbook for the Royal Marine Corps of Netherlands. (id.9706)
(Hits: 961 )
Site of the Dutch Green Berets. (id.11457)
(Hits: 813 )
Dutch Marines site with Links to RNMC Unit Pages and special selected Special Forces and Marines Links from all over the world. (id.9885)
(Hits: 647 )
Gives info on weapons, pictures, overview and has guestbook for the Redberets 1 of 3 elite fighting units from the Netherlands. (id.10287)
(Hits: 544 )
Find the best Dutch and international military related pages. Some specops links (id.7610)
(Hits: 474 )
Royal Netherlands Army Green Berets KCT(Korps Commando Troepen) (id.12673)
(Hits: 447 )
Netherlands and other World Special Police Forces like swat units, arrestatieteams, protective service units, anti - riot units and secret service units. (id.11175)
(Hits: 386 )
The website of our National SWAT Teams in Holland called "Arrestatieteam". All the info on weaponry, tactical gear, operations, insignia and history. (id.12041)
(Hits: 333 )
Information including news, overview and organization of the Marines in the Netherlands. (id.9503)
(Hits: 315 )
The 301 and 302 Dutch Apache Squadrons(RNLAF)with info on training, photos, news and exercises; Netherlands. (id.8941)
(Hits: 302 )
Information on the organization of the defence structure in the Netherlands. (id.1606)
(Hits: 285 )
The Royal Marechausee (police of the country) uphold the law and provide assistance to the armed forces; Netherlands. (id.9502)
(Hits: 275 )
Overview of Navy including tasks, escort group, admiral and other elements of the Navy in the Netherlands. (id.8942)
(Hits: 271 )
Capital: Amsterdam, Location: Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany. (id.1784)
(Hits: 249 )
The US Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands with info on citizen services, visas and more. (id.790)
(Hits: 238 )

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