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Elite fighting force organization with Legion database and search for an Ancien; France. (id.8068)
(Hits: 1665 )
Photos - life in the french foreign Legion. On line since November 15 2001. Made by a French Ex-Legionnaire. (id.9369)
(Hits: 1264 )
General Information, dedication and surplus. (id.11491)
(Hits: 868 )
Les forces spéciales françaises et étrangères (id.11929)
(Hits: 788 )
Enlistment requirements, traditions, history, career prospects, initial contracts and recruitment officers; France. (id.8067)
(Hits: 704 )
Land force with equipment, organisation and recruitment information. (French, English and Spanish) (id.2015)
(Hits: 587 )
Organization of the Navy in France with careers info and assets of the force, includes activities and operational functions. (id.2014)
(Hits: 331 )
The Special Police Unit in French. RAID recherche assistance intervention dissuasion (id.12710)
(Hits: 286 )
Includes economical, political and environmental information with services of embassy and foreign affairs agencies. (id.801)
(Hits: 268 )
Aviation photography of French military aircraft, includes photos of aircraft from other countries including USA and Russia. (id.7524)
(Hits: 258 )
Armed force with history, career info and aircraft details including future projects data; done in French. (id.2016)
(Hits: 257 )
Gives defence force information and departments with documents and news. (id.2017)
(Hits: 237 )
Scientific and technical establishment that designs, produces, operates, research and tests for manufacturers and reports to the French Ministry of Defense; France. (id.9211)
(Hits: 218 )
Institute for Higher Defense Studies under the Prime Minister directed by a General Officer with info on studies and research. (id.9213)
(Hits: 211 )

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