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Troops, Articles, SAS Books, Weapons, Sabre Squadrons and Territorial Army SAS. (id.2043)
(Hits: 10292 )
A detailes and constantly updated SAS website about the British Special Air Services, based in hereford. This site is a MUST !!!! (id.8681)
(Hits: 5634 )
Probably the best known of all Special Forces units, the SAS has been in action, in one form or another since 1941. (id.2040)
(Hits: 4803 )
TA units, 21 and 23 SAS, specialize in the area of long range patrols. In wartime their role is to provide LRP support to the UK's Joint Rapid Deployment Force (JRDF) or the Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). (id.2036)
(Hits: 3238 )
SAS is Britain's elite fighting force with overview of information including operations and history of unit. (id.8514)
(Hits: 2459 )
Site dedicated to the British SAS. Features full biography from WWII through to Afghansitan, detailed information on weapons equipment and tactics, chronology of operations, merchandise and downloads including movies and desktops. Best viewed in 1024x768. (id.11440)
(Hits: 2148 )
SAs, SBS, UKSF selection, war on iraq news, Specialforces, message board, poll (id.11736)
(Hits: 2139 )
The four " Sabre " or combat squadrons are the operational element of 22SAS. (id.2041)
(Hits: 1912 )
Extensive web site on the worlds most respected SF unit, the SAS. Contains information on British campaigns while focusing on the SAS from WW II to present. (id.11658)
(Hits: 1696 )
The S.A.S is the worlds most ELITE special force. This site covers the back ground of the of the Winged Dagger. (id.11205)
(Hits: 1461 )
French language only, La filiation du 22nd SAS Regiment remonte jusqu'en 1941. (id.2042)
(Hits: 1086 )
The elite Light Infantry of the British Army that includes Rifleman history, operations, training and overview. (id.10686)
(Hits: 1019 )
"Special Air Service" groups were dropped by parachute in the Gazala-Tmimi area to attack five of the enemy's forward airfields. (id.2039)
(Hits: 848 )
SAS profile, troop specialisations and operations. (id.14562)
(Hits: 528 )

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