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All Special Air Service "SAS" Sites including Associations.. (id.595)

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The Home Page of the Green Beret (Royal Marines) Commando Association. (id.2027)
(Hits: 2816 )
Britains elite airborn special forces. What the Royal Marines are to the Navy The Paras are to the Army - but much better! (id.22)
(Hits: 2259 )
The Official British Army Home Page including News and Units. (id.2025)
(Hits: 1246 )
UK's security intelligence agency history, functions, threats, employment info and purpose of agency is given. (id.9034)
(Hits: 783 )
News on units with history and airborne resources for these regiments in the UK. (id.9747)
(Hits: 773 )
Tribute site to the members of Orde Wingate's "Chindits" Burma 1944. Also know as "Wingate's Raiders" and "Wingate's Commandoes" (id.2030)
(Hits: 753 )
Information on ships, fleet, news, events, operations, navy life and jobs includes an interactive Frigate and desktop wallpaper. (id.2047)
(Hits: 710 )
Web by RDL Jumper, researcher into Malysia's Orang Asli and author of "Death Waits in the 'Dark': Malaysia's Killer Elite" (id.7493)
(Hits: 636 )
History of British military conflicts from 1945 to 1992 that includes India, Palestine, Malaya, Suez Canal Zone, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez Borneo, Vietnam, Aden, Radfan, Oman, Dhofar and more. (id.8790)
(Hits: 581 )
United Kingdom's Armed Forces pages and Recruiting sites for the Military. (id.2037)
(Hits: 536 )
Re-enacting and research into British Special Operations both during and after the Second World War. (id.2032)
(Hits: 524 )
British Army Parachute Regiment, History, Equipment, Weapons, Training, Other Parachute units from around the world, P Company and Links (id.11406)
(Hits: 512 )
For example "Air Power" will take you to a reference section of RAF aircraft and weapons......... (id.2034)
(Hits: 466 )
Homepage for British Royal Navy (id.11389)
(Hits: 449 )
Association of British Airborne Veterans with stories, rememberances and overview of Airborne inforamtion; Great Britian. (id.9529)
(Hits: 419 )
In Danish (official), Danish SF, similar to Navy Seals, British SBS, French Les fusiliers marins et les commandos marine. (id.12211)
(Hits: 391 )

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