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Departments (13)
All Department sites of Irish Government.. (id.598)
Military (12)
All Irish Military and Defense sites.. (id.596)
Presidents (7)
All Presidents of Ireland current or past... (id.597)

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Consultative resource for any public papers in Dublin. Useful for geneaologists and historians. (id.2105)
(Hits: 232 )
Irish embassy (Ambásaid na hÉireann) serves the Irish citizen in America and issues visas to those intending to come to Ireland. Contains contact information for the consulates in New York, Chicago and Boston. (id.2070)
(Hits: 212 )
Current issures with speeches and Ambassador info, consular services, education, commercial agriculture and political sections to view. (id.863)
(Hits: 212 )
Established in 1824 with the objective of providing large scale maps for the purpose of updating land valuations for taxation. (id.2100)
(Hits: 206 )
Government body for the compilation of Irish official statistics. Involved also in the gathering of census information. (id.2086)
(Hits: 202 )
The judiciary service in Ireland with links to District, high and Supreme courts. Barrister and Soliticer information and some the rights for the citizens of Ireland. (id.2082)
(Hits: 198 )
Contains the Statute book for the laws in Ireland with profiles of the AG both past and present. (id.2087)
(Hits: 190 )
Ombudsman for Ireland and can be consulted when a dispute with a company and cannot be resolved. (id.2094)
(Hits: 189 )
Valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities as laid down by Irish statute. (id.2048)
(Hits: 184 )
Responsible for current legislation and ensuring that the law enactments reflects the will of the Irish people. (id.2090)
(Hits: 176 )
Maintains of the property register and seeing that all land is registered. Keeps memorials of deeds that are registered. (id.2096)
(Hits: 175 )
Their purpose is to independently examine and report to Dail Eireann on whether public funds and resources are used in accordance with the law, managed to good effect and properly accounted for. (id.2083)
(Hits: 175 )
OPW, Responsible for the upkeep of public buildings, national monuments. It also carries out repairs to these buildings. (id.2098)
(Hits: 174 )
Fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing import and export controls in Ireland. (id.2099)
(Hits: 174 )
Displays and maintains works of art on display in Dublin. Houses famous paintings and sculptures from around the world. (id.2102)
(Hits: 173 )
Located in Dublin, contains information on the registration rules for new companies. (id.2084)
(Hits: 168 )

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