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I have completed my first mission,I have adopted all the POW/MIA's from 5th Group Special Forces ..... (id.2259)
(Hits: 1746 )
POW - MIA SEARCH -Prisoner of War, Missing in Action. (id.2258)
(Hits: 1553 )
Offers a large archive with news, documents, testimony on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea (Cold War), World War II, Russia, China and Iraq. (id.2273)
(Hits: 1376 )
Real exact information about german MIAs in Stalingrad for concrete families. Stalingrad battlefield now. Some pics, maps, memoirs, and more... (id.2289)
(Hits: 1064 )
It lists all those folks who actually DID excape from the VC/NVA in SEA. (id.2264)
(Hits: 1019 )
The Vietnam POW Home Page. By Nam POWs, for SEA POWs, and who want to know more about survival as a prisoner of war. (id.2257)
(Hits: 951 )
Non-profit, educational. ALL biographies on Vietnam POW/MIAs. List sof phonies and wannabees. LOVELETTERS to POW families and more. Backed by 12,000 file archive offline. (id.2267)
(Hits: 916 )
Complete listing of Prisoners of War, Missing in Action or Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered from South East Asia. (id.2293)
(Hits: 911 )
Read about an Air Force Captain who was abandoned in Laos by the same government which sent him to war. (id.2269)
(Hits: 852 )
Search the POW/MIA Database from the Library of Congress (id.2262)
(Hits: 779 )
The Department of Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) organization. (id.381)
(Hits: 743 )
Updated news with info on World War II, Karean War, Cold War, Vietnam, Gulf War, Yugoslavia and more. (id.2274)
(Hits: 738 )
Major Mark A. Smith US Army, retired information with narratives, reports, poems and song lyrics. (id.8311)
(Hits: 732 )
Research site sponsored by a museum that includes mission, list of MIA personnel being researched and message board. (id.10895)
(Hits: 720 )
Monthly news & updates with EZ print pages on POW and MIA topics includes membership info. (id.2276)
(Hits: 663 )
Info on Rainer Sylvester Ramos, CWOW3/US Army, Troop C, 7th Squad, 17th Air Calvary, 17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade MOS 602B. (id.8312)
(Hits: 644 )

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