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The Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans with history of the 3d Armored Division from 1941 with reunions, war stories and unit histories. (id.2865)
(Hits: 298 )
Association for the Armor and Cavalry community that provides an Alumni membership datatbase and news. (id.2860)
(Hits: 290 )
Membership application, benefits and purpose with info on conventions, symposiums and Hall of Fame. (id.9963)
(Hits: 289 )
AUSA is the professional association of America's Army started by the Army leadership in 1950. (id.2847)
(Hits: 286 )
Has news, history, photos and lineage dedicated to unit of 700 men assigned to the XIX Corps, 1st and 9th Armies from 1942 to 1945. (id.2872)
(Hits: 281 )
Contains news, membership info, bylaws and char for former and current member of this agency. (id.2858)
(Hits: 277 )
AGCRA is a private, nonprofit organization that preserves the heritage of the US Army Adjutant Corps. (id.2871)
(Hits: 275 )
Provides political representation of the US Army Reserve at the local, state and national level and advocates it as a major component of the Total Force. (id.2855)
(Hits: 269 )
First called the Association of US Army Transporters in Thailand with the purpose of recaching former members of the 519th Transportation Battalion (Truck) (id.2874)
(Hits: 264 )
Provides scientific, literary, educational and professional tools for mentoring Quartermaster personnel. (id.2851)
(Hits: 264 )
Preserves the spirit, traditions, heritage and history of the Transportation Corps and promotes professional development; Fort Eustis, Virginia. (id.2876)
(Hits: 259 )
Regimental history file and newsletter for NATO's front line regiment during the years of the Cold War. (id.2864)
(Hits: 258 )
Includes membership information, history and events; Alexandria, Virginia. (id.2853)
(Hits: 242 )
Information on competitions with hall of Fame, newsletter and application form. (id.2866)
(Hits: 239 )
Dedicated to Tigers who served in World War II with reunion information, membership and photos. (id.2863)
(Hits: 230 )
Includes reunion info, calendar, membership, directors bios and how to send messages to troops. (id.10346)
(Hits: 225 )

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