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Health care facility that provides level-one trauma and graduate medical education; Fort Sam Houston, San Antonia, Texas. (id.3073)
(Hits: 768 )
Has birth announcements, news, tricare info and guide to health care; Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (id.3084)
(Hits: 239 )
Provides medical center care, inpatient and outpatient, veterinary care and environmental health services; Tacoma, Washington. (id.3070)
(Hits: 237 )
Contains patient information, education, events, directory, phone numbers and tricare info; Fort Belvoir, Virginia. (id.3081)
(Hits: 220 )
Provides care to military men and women, their families and military retirees in the community; Fort Sam Houston, Texas. (id.3072)
(Hits: 209 )
Has pharmacy, patient service center, emergency services, tricare and physician information; Fort Benning, Georgia. (id.3079)
(Hits: 205 )
Has medical resources including clinical information, news, education and specialties; Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (id.3078)
(Hits: 199 )
DoD facility that operates under the military's health plan, TRICARE; Fort Hood, Texas. (id.3074)
(Hits: 199 )
Includes mission, online prescriptions, policies and news in military medicine; Fort Carson, Colorado. (id.3075)
(Hits: 197 )
Has health news & information with online services; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. (id.3076)
(Hits: 188 )
Provider for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries in southeastern Arizona with health resources; Fort Huachuca, Arizona. (id.3091)
(Hits: 181 )
TRICARE information, education, patient info and clinical departments; Washington DC. (id.3069)
(Hits: 178 )
Has patient information, education and tricare info; Washington DC. (id.3082)
(Hits: 175 )
Services, patient info, news and employment information; Honolulu, Hawaii. (id.3085)
(Hits: 169 )
Has info on prevention and wellness, appointments, Tricare, internships and residency programs; Fort Bliss, Texas. (id.3086)
(Hits: 166 )
Contains patient information and clinic info with resources including info on Tricare; Fort Eustis, Virginia. (id.9988)
(Hits: 163 )

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