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Headquarters for the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.2989)
(Hits: 184 )
An Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center with organization and news; Alexandria, Virginia. (id.2993)
(Hits: 182 )
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (USAERDC), Army Corps of Engineers. Champaign, IL (id.2988)
(Hits: 175 )
USACE info on "Advancing science and engineering technologies for ecosystem management"; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.2990)
(Hits: 169 )
Army Corps of Engineers technology-based research, development, testing and evaluation for nondestructive material; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.2992)
(Hits: 167 )
SHOALS, Airborne Lidar Bathymetry or Hydrograpy that measures seabed depts and topographic elevations with system specifications and project examples; Mobile, Alabama. (id.9757)
(Hits: 154 )
A specialized agency of a broad scope with integrated facilities, multiple-site adaptation and/or technology transfer; Huntsville, Alabama. (id.2995)
(Hits: 152 )
Threatened, Endagered and Sensitive Species (TES) profiles are being developed by the US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.7372)
(Hits: 151 )
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station. Vicksburg, Mississippi (id.2987)
(Hits: 146 )
Conducts R&D in inderdisciplinary engineering, computer science, info technology and instrumentation systems; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.2994)
(Hits: 145 )
US Army Corps of Engineers laboratory for airfields and pavements and sustainment engineering; Vicksburg, Mississippi. (id.2991)
(Hits: 134 )

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